Fire safe cigarettes!!!!!

cigarettesI realize I won’t get to much sympathy on this issue but that’s okay.  I don’t need it but I do need to get this off my chest.  As of Dec 1st, Minnesota now has a fire safe cigarette. Isn’t that kind of like an oxymoron?  Fire safe cigarettes?!?!?!

Okay, cigarettes are hot, they can burn you, they can start fires. Doesn’t that mean you need to be careful with them and make sure you don’t start a fire?  I have smoked for more than 35 years and yes, I have burnt a few things.  My bathroom vanity has taken the worst abuse but that has happened with me standing right there.  I have never burnt down my home nor have I ever started a fire with one.  They have fallen out of the ashtray while I’ve been doing my hair.  I have never left the house with one going or fallen asleep with one.

What they’ve done has been to put paper thicker in three different parts of the cigarette to act as “speed bumps” so they go out.  Can you please tell me the point of smoking a cigarette that keeps going out?  Right at the beginning you have to draw so hard you almost choke to death just to get it going.  Once it’s going it’s still hard to keep them lit.  Mid way is another one and it will go out if your not drawing on it constantly.  There’s one more about 3/4 of the way through it and at that point, you may as well just put it out.  The taste is awful.

A few things I’ve noticed about these “new” cigarettes is that if you go to put them out and it’s at one of these “speed bumps,” they don’t go out right.  The paper is thicker there and it kind of snaps and breaks.  Last night I put one out because I was ticked off because it would NOT stay lit and it snapped at that speed bump point and smoldered in the ash tray and started all the other cigarettes in the ash try smolder. Yes, that’s safe.

I have a “small” case of OCD and there have been many times I’ve left to go somewhere and I’ve turned around and gone home to “make sure” I didn’t leave a cigarette or candle burning or my curling iron or coffee pot on.  Now can I say “oh, it will go out by itself?”  The thing about that is they are saying that there will be 3-4 packs in a carton that don’t burn out that way.  So I think that is a really bad idea because people will be even less careful than they already are.  Another danger I’ve noticed in some of these cigarettes is you really have to keep puffing on them and the cherry gets so long that I’ve gone to flick it into the ashtray and half of it stayed on the cigarette and the other half just fell off.  I had to scoop it off the floor.  Needless to say, they don’t taste the way they used to just because of the way you have to keep drawing on them to keep them lit.  If you have to re-light them, they taste harsh as all get out.

Did I mention candles???  Are they now going to make candles that go out too?  Every few minutes you have to re-light them?  What about stove fires?  Should they make stoves that just go off after a certain amount of time?  Of course not but why are the smokers getting picked on again?  I almost would’ve rather they just quit making them.  Then I’d have no choice.  Why is it that cigarettes are still allowed to be made?  Is it because there is to much money in them?  

There are a lot of dangers in this life and there are an awful lot of “accidents” that happen to people. There are always going to be IDIOTS people who aren’t careful.  What about forest fires and propane fires?  We all as people need to be careful but why just pick on the same people over and over?  Most of the cigarettes I enjoy the most, I don’t even smoke.  When I’m sitting here on the computer, I let more burn out than I smoke.  It’s what I enjoy.

So just quit you all say.  You know, I enjoy smoking.  I don’t want to quit.  I know how bad that sounds but I really enjoy smoking.  I don’t rob banks or rape small children.  I just smoke cigarettes. Why don’t we tell fat people to just stop eating?  Tell drinkers to just stop or shopaholics to just stop shopping?  We all have bad habits and if we don’t have the habit, it sounds so easy to say “just quit.” But it’s not easy if it’s your habit and you.  

There is only one good thing that came of this.  My brother got the courage to quit.  Today it’s been 16 days but by the time this gets posted, it will be more so WAY TO GO DARRYL.

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24 Responses to Fire safe cigarettes!!!!!

  1. joanharvest says:

    My sister is like you. She likes to smoke and that’s all there is to it. It’s her choice to make and I respect that.

    I am so tired of things being pushed on us because someone thinks we are too stupid on our own. Wow, don’t get me going on this. If I want to eat trans fats and not wear a seat belt I should be able to. Oh, that’s right I am too stupid to make that decision for myself. “The dumbing down of America– you gotta love it—NOT!!!

    Great post!!

  2. SKL says:

    This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Some people are going to get a false sense of security. Especially young people who think “safe” actually means “safe.” I also question whether this new design actually increases the health hazards (both first hand and second hand) of smoking.

    I am not a smoker and I’m one of those people who say “stop smoking and you’ll solve a whole slew of problems.” But I also don’t believe in telling adult smokers what they are allowed to do in their own private space. Where do you draw the line? What about red meat, driving on ice, forgetting to take my vitamins?

    I think the government involvement in tobacco has increased smoking-related problems. I mean, I do believe that the public should be educated on the risks and all that. (The government does a crappy job of this, by the way, since very few young people realize how very addictive tobacco is – and they all think they are just going to smoke some finite number of cigarettes and then stop.) And like any other product, if there has been false advertising or undisclosed risks, then the tobacco companies should be subject to civil lawsuits. And I don’t have a problem with age limits. But the problem with tobacco is, there is too much money in it. The government loves collecting those tobacco taxes. It’s so easy to tack them on, because people are too addicted to tobacco to just say “to hell with that.” And non-smokers don’t sympathize. So it’s easy. Here in my state, they taxed cigarettes to pay for the sports stadium. What the heck? They tried to add another cigarette tax to pay for some arts programs, but I think that got voted down. It’s just ridiculous. Then there are the tobacco farmers, a strong lobby, and politicians who don’t dare get on their bad side. Last I heard, my tax money was subsidizing tobacco, and I still haven’t figured out why. Then they have all these spending programs for education about the dangers of smoking – designed by the tobacco companies. “Smoking is for grown-ups.” Yeah, that’s going to stop the teens in my neighborhood! Please. They are doing everything they can to increase their sales even as they pretend to discourage it.

    Then we have all these products to wean people off tobacco, and now these “safe” cigarettes. The tobacco companies are loving this. They can make more and more money on these crutches. Crutches that weren’t even needed in the past, and now I don’t know anyone who has tried quitting recently without buying nicotene patches, gums, etc., etc. And of those who have used the crutches, most are back to smoking more than ever. And some have added one or two new nasty habits – snuff / “chaw” / whatever else.

    Well, as with most things, the government has failed to make an impact on smoking, so maybe they should just get out of it and let the common folks try to figure it out.

    But no, we’re going to keep doing this AND start after the causes of obesity and everything else except stupidity. (Because if we wipe out stupidity, a lot of politicians will have no future.)

  3. Tessa says:

    I’m so proud of Darryl, that is awesome, and he has inspired his son to quit too!! Eric is on day two. It’s very, very hard for him- Man, does Darryl have willpower! Eric is cutting back.

    Baby’s crying, but I agree this is ridiculous!! So silly, and not enough people are going to buy these cigs because the taste is different and they’re so much work-like you said.

    I think you are right on Joy that it’s not more safe because people will be more careless thinking it’s safe.

  4. Tessa says:

    I just read the rest of your post! Joy, you’re funny- I love your passion in this! I agree, they are picking on you smokers! That is all it is really- or they are just morons- I don’t know. But they definitely are in it for the money. It is a joke really, they say they are “concerned for the public’s health” and that it is bad for others. If so, why make them? Because they are greedy and like the profits. Great points! You go girl.

  5. Tessa says:

    SKL- I love that- they should just get out of it- and I love your line “They are doing everything they can to increase their sales even as they pretend to discourage it.” Man, you are right on the mark there.

    I am a non-smoker who has sympathy for you smokers!! I am married to one, my brother, my dad, and my mom are smokers, not to mention everyone else in my family! So I sympathize, I’ve heard all there complaints and they are with you Joy. I believe Eric when he says it’s as hard or harder than heroin to quit. God bless him for trying and smoking in the bathroom and blowing it out the window for my sake.

  6. You know what, Joy? Good for you. For not caving in. Smoking isn’t healthy, everyone knows this, bla-bla-bla, old news. But you’re a conscious adult who has chosen to smoke and you like it and you enjoy it, and you should have a right to do it. These new cigarettes you’re talking about – are they made by all the brands? I mean, do you have to buy this stupid new type or can you just move to a different brand and smoke normal cigarettes?
    I have sympathy for smokers as well. My parents smoked my whole life, and I still love the smell of cigarette smoke. So sue me, right?

  7. SanityFound says:

    Whoohoo Darryl!!!

    Now Joy um huh fire safe cigarettes? ROFLMAO omg sheesh what next will they think of in order to sell more of them beauties huh? “Come try our new fire safe smokes, give it a try and make all your friends try them as well quick quick quick while stocks last” Phah they probably use more chemicals as well.

    Rolling cigarettes go out all the time as well and in my onion way more healthy, it even has vitamins am sure of it!

    Ok going to hide before California makes her way here… mwah dang now am craving!

  8. Apparently, we have become such a society of “fearful we will get sued” individuals that we don’t have to have any self-responsibility about anything anymore…… this is ridiculous and will give a false sense of safety over something that should instead be: don’t smoke in bed. Don’t leave your cigarette unattended, etc. Great point of view Joy, and for your health benefit, I do hope that you quit someday…….. no lecture……

    Good job Darryl!!!!!

  9. Just a Mom says:

    Fire Safe Cigarettes are a joke! I totally agree with you Joy that these new cigarettes are just going to give people a false sense of security.
    I quit smoking almost 2 years ago for health reasons. But man would I love to light one up even now! My relatives who smoke are always saying sorry for smoking around me and I am like no I like the smell!
    Keep going Darryl and Eric! It does get easier!
    Joy I say if you still enjoy it keep doing it!

  10. nikki says:

    This doesn’t affect me other than hearing other people complain about it. All the guys around here don’t like them and swear they taste different. People will now assume they will go out and not worry about it. Someone said it above, this is a disaster waiting to happen. I quit smoking almost 5 years ago. It wasn’t hard for me but I was never a heavy smoker. I can see how frustrating this can be for smokers. I haven’t heard one person say anything positive about this, but then again why would a smoker be happy about their cigarette constantly going out!!?? I’m so glad Darryl quit…KEEP THAT UP!!!!! And Eric…way to go!! It sounds like you pretty much have to inhale the entire thing in one breath or it goes out (exaggerating) so maybe it is their plan to sell more. It actually sounds like it may back fire on these big cigarette companies.

  11. Jane says:

    I don’t smoke but I don’t hate it like a lot of people do. These “new” cigarettes are causing so much bellyaching at my house. My husband hates them. They don’t stay lit and they stink. They smolder in the ashtray and when you “think” they’ve gone out, they haven’t. They look out but they burn inside out. When you think they’ve gone out and slide it into the ashtray whether it’s the movement or the air, they start back up and everything in the ashtray starts to smoke. You can see them start burning from the inside out and the paper lights last and that’s where the lighting everything in the ashtray starts. These are a lot more UNsafe in my opinion because they look like they’re out. Like someone else has mentioned, people will be less careful than they are now.

    As far as our “sin” taxes, they are totally unfair and alcohol and cigarettes always end up paying for everything we need. Why should just those people have to take a price hike for a sports stadium?? Should then the only people who go there be smokers and drinkers?? I feel we as people should be treated more fairly and not by something that we do. Taxes should be spread out and we should be taxed on something we all buy. Just my opinion.

    slightlyignorant, all the cigarettes in MN are now like this so there is no choice. There are 16 (I think) other states and Canada where they have done this but I don’t think it’s over because these things are way more dangerous just because people are going to be more careless now. Like Joy said, quite a few packs in a carton aren’t the “safe” ones. I can hear my husband yell in glee when he opens a pack that seem like the old ones. The key is buying a carton, your odds are higher of getting the old ones that way.

    Lastly, what about personal responsibility? It’s about being careful in what we do. Accidents can happen is so many ways. This is a bunch of BS to me.

  12. Joy says:

    That’s a really good way to put it Jane. They do seem to burn from the inside out. I’ve walked by an ashtray and saw it was “out” and tipped it into the ashtray to see them start to smolder.

  13. SKL says:

    Wow, I’ll bet people dump their butts into the garbage while they are still “burning from the inside out.” Scary.

  14. mssc54 says:

    Maybe they should make the entire cigarette with the thicker paper. That may have a more healthy effect. Smokers would have to suck harder that would increase the strength of the muscles around their mouth (and depending on how hard they suck, maybe their entire face). Once they become proficient suckers their lung capacity will increase. Since their lung capacity has increased they may actually become more healthy.

    So perhaps these new, improved and much safer cigarettes will actually result in a healthier sucking population.

    People who smoke had just got to learn to suck harder… that’s all there is to it. 🙂

    Good luck with that.

  15. Joy says:

    So you saying that I need to “suck up!”

  16. SKL says:

    Yeah, Joy, suck it up!!

  17. mssc54 says:

    Wrap those lips around that fag and give it a big old suck! 🙂

  18. Joy says:

    LMAO you two!!!!!

  19. And so now I really have heard of everything! Is that some crazy state law or something? The big tobacco companies will be lobbying to change that when their sales hit rock bottom. Joy, send me a private email with your home address–I’ll mail you the good stuff. But, wait…find out if there are any laws against that first okay? I can’t schedule any jail time until 2022, when the last one is 18.

  20. Andrew Schultz says:

    Joy, in case you haven’t signed the petition to repeal fire safe cigarettes yet. I don’t smoke cigarettes but they seem awful and even Orwellian. I was researching them when I found your website.

    Pass it around! Whether people choose to smoke or not, they don’t need to be subjected to this.

  21. Joy says:

    Thanks Andrew, I’ll check it out.

  22. DEMO says:

    Only a thought or two — when “they” get rid of all the smoker’s and it’s time to build the next stadium — where will “they” get the money for it!
    It appears to me that one man’s sin is another man’s bankroll.

  23. Americas Highway says:

    Hello if you wont to stop the Fire Safe cigerette go to this website below.

    And also find out why these cigerettes are more harmful than the regular cigerettes are.

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