Wild and crazy Saturday night

Paul was feeling a little restless on Saturday night.  I was working on our pj party for Monday and out of the blue, he says to me, I’m going to Walmart to get a DVD player.  Uummm….okay I guess. We play Wii bowling every night and watch the news.  When the news is over, we like to watch either what we’ve saved on the DVR or a tape or DVD.  But, the way we have things set up, we can’t watch movies on the TV we have set up for this unless it’s something coming off the Direct TV.  The VCR/DVD player we have, we can’t watch on the TV we’ve been using.  So, off he goes to purchase one at 8 on Saturday night.

So, I turn out all the lights, turn off all noise and just relax and sit here working on my blog.  About an hour later the phone rings and it’s my cell phone.  Toby had Paul’s phone and Paul had taken my phone earlier when he’d gone grocery shopping.  I answer the phone to hear him say “can you come and get me.”  At that question, my mind went in a 100 different directions since I knew he had his vehicle.  I ask him “why” and he proceeds to tell me he hit a deer.  So I kind of know where he’s at and take off to pick him up.  Now I’m all paranoid about hitting one also so I was driving like a granny who doesn’t see that well at night to begin with.  Take a look at his Suburban.



This is what I’d like to know.  Why do people say “I hit a deer” when the deer is what hit you? Everyone says it.  About 5 years ago I “hit one” and it was nowhere near the front of my truck.  It ran into me broadside on the drivers side but the only thing I was doing was driving down the road.  The only way I could have avoided this would have to have been at home.  I didn’t even see it until I heard it and at the time it seemed to last forever, it was over in seconds.

So now Paul feels all bad but there’s nothing you can do.  We have so many deer out here and really, there isn’t a single thing you can do.  This year they are acting stranger than I can ever remember. They are coming out during the day and I even had 6 of them in my yard last week.   That has never happened before so I’m wondering why this year and what’s different.

I did ask him “how the deer was” when I went to pick him up and he said “dead” but it wasn’t laying there or anything.  While I feel really bad about the deer, I feel more bad for Paul.  We’ll see what the insurance company has to say.  It’s an old vehicle with LOTS of miles on it.  

Have you ever “hit a deer” or “had a deer hit you?”suburb-when-deer-meets-it3

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12 Responses to Wild and crazy Saturday night

  1. Sue says:

    I don’t recall hitting a deer, but pheasants seem to flock to me! I’ve also hit the ditch a few times. Oh, and a coyote in the middle of Iowa in the dead of night! Deer are just there all of a sudden and there’s not much you can do. My dad always told me “You don’t swerve for an animal! You’re more important than they are and that includes dogs/cats and anything in the way!” Now, I would NEVER hit a dog or cat if I could avoid it, but those damn deer just find you!

  2. San says:

    That’s terrible, must be one of the worst experiences having a deer hit you and then dealing with it 😦

    I’ve only ever seen one deer but a in SA we have a springbok problem, they love jumping at cars 😦

  3. Laura (LS) says:

    Sparky hit a deer once. THREE DAYS after we bought my truck. And all it left on the truck was three little hairs. Apparently, he broadsided the deer, and rolled it under the truck. We have a “moose gooser” on the front – that’s what my Alaskan Friend calls it… it’s one of those big grill guards. Apparently, it did it’s job. Both the truck and the deer were fine. Weird.

    I swerve for animals. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. Around here, we have Kamikaze Dogs…. one in particular lays in wait in the long grass in the ditch on the side of the road, then EXPLODES out at you when you’re almost to him. He’s large and black – a lab mix, I’m sure – and loves to chase the vehicles coming down the road. I’ve nearly put my truck in the ditch more than once because of this explosion of movement off to the immediate right or left, just ahead of the truck. Now I ask you…. how are you NOT supposed to swerve for that? I’ve called the police more than once on these people for not tying up their dog. I know we’re in the country, and farm dogs run free, but damned if I’m gonna let them blame me if/when I end up hitting that critter. It will break my heart, but I will not take the blame.

    Huh… apparently that dog bothers me more than I thought….

  4. Doraz says:

    WOW, a simple decision turned into a nightmare!! Sorry!

  5. nikki says:

    I have never hit anything. I came very close to hitting a dog last summer. That was awful even coming close to a dog. I wouldn’t feel too bad for a deer if I hit it. I mean deep down I would because it’s an animal but I have always heard that those suckers run straight towards your head lights. I hope it never happens to me, and I’m sorry it happened to Paul!!!! I’m SO glad he’s okay though. 🙂

  6. Just a Mom says:

    I have never hit an animal thank goodness! My bff had her car totaled by a moose up in New Hampshire.

  7. Gary says:

    I have hit a racoon and a squirrel but that’s nothing compared to hitting a deer. We have a lot of deer around here also and they get hit a lot. You see them laying on the side of the road all the time.

    I’m sure sorry that happened. I’m glad that Paul didn’t get hurt!! A lot of people get hurt hitting a deer.

    I hope everything turns out ok with the Suburban also!!

  8. Tosha says:

    I have been hit by 2 deer. Both came AT my car.. Scared the mess out of me but I was unable to avoid hitting them. Neither did much damage to my car. The first one just put a dent in my hood where it hit and then rolled off. The second put a dent in my fender and that was it.. Hubby however has hit 4 in the last 6 years.. The first one did about 5,000 in damage to our truck. The second did 2,500. The third just busted a light and the 4th busted the grill on the truck. Our insurance has never held it against us because it was out of our control.

  9. SKL says:

    I have “hit” two deer, but both jumped up and ran away afterward. Both of them ran at me as I was minding my own business, following all the rules of the road. Neither left a mark on my car, but then I had a saturn with a flexible plastic body.

    It feels really horrible to hit a deer, but like Joy said, no matter how careful you are, it’s like they have a death wish. In my neighborhood, there are many deer. I often see over a dozen in my backyard at one time. They cross the street when cars are coming. Worst thing you can do is think, “whew, I missed it, onward” because there is always another one ready to follow the previous one across the street. When you have to drive home that way every single day, it gets old. But, so far I haven’t hit one in my neighborhood. The two I hit were in rural areas near my parents’ house, probably because I was going faster.

    Worst feeling ever was one day when I was driving behind another car. I saw what looked like an old paper lunch bag flopping around after the car in front of me ran over it. Thinking nothing of it, I continued along and unfortunately it was an injured cat. Well, by the time I finished the job, it was a dead cat. I will never forget the feeling of “crunch” under my tires. I was haunted for a while after that.

    My sister totaled two cars by “hitting” deer, and my brother totaled at least one. It’s a hazard and in my area, they periodically sponsor a deer hunt (I live near a national forest reservation) to cull the population – because aside from causing accidents, they will also starve in the winter if there are too many of them. Every time they announce a hunt, there is a protest by people who can’t bear the thought of a dead deer. I love animals, but why would I want them to starve? Just today I saw some and they are looking awfully skinny. Is a suffering death better than a quick one? Not to start an argument about it, but the fact is, ever since we killed off all the wolves, we’ve created these deer problems that have to be managed somehow.

  10. javajunkee says:

    a buck and my husbands truck collided years and years ago. Antlers went right through the radiator..that was the end of that beat up old pick up!

    the deer are running goofier and goofier every year. If they are gonna continue to destroy their habitat then somebody better f’ing get Ted Nugent down here with his band of brothers and take them out because it’s totally over populated now. And more and more people are gonna be having run ins with them.
    I feel sorry for them but not at the cost of losing a loved one or losing a vehicle.

  11. pammy wammy says:

    I have never hit a deer or any animal for that.I have also never been in an accident.
    So glad Paul was ok.
    So I guess he didnt make it to Walmart?

  12. JavaQueen says:

    What a relief that Paul is ok! That’s scary and you raise a very good question btw- “I hit a deer” or did the deer hit you?

    I have never hit/ or been hit by a deer, thank GOODNESS, but for a long time it was a huge fear of mine until my BIL taught me that their eyes glow in the dark and to just look for their eyes. Of course, that wont help me during the day and their brown coat blends in with the landscape 99% of the time…. those little buggers are so scary! I’ve heard that hitting a deer/having a deer hit you is much like hitting another vehicle.

    I wonder if that’s true?

    I have had a few near misses though. Anywho, I’m glad your man is ok! Great post!

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