Unwanted calls

I don’t know what it’s about lately but boy, have I ever been getting a LOT of computerized calls. I have to say for the most part, a lot of the unwanted calls aren’t around much anymore. Remember all the “duct cleaning” calls and the “do you need new windows” calls we used to get? It used to be just terrible with all the sales calls that we used to get. Now I think it’s really only “giving to charity” calls.

Those selling products calls really used to irritate me. Not only that but back then we didn’t have caller ID to tell us who was calling so we pretty much always answered our phones. BUT…..now I’ve been getting a lot of those computerized calls and they must call numerous numbers at the same time and whoever answers first gets the call and all the others, the line is just dead and nobody is there. You can see the number and it will call many times a day, always around the same times and it can go on for weeks. One day I called one back and actually got a “take my name off this call list” selection in the menu. So, I took my name off and never got another call from that number.

But what I want to know is after bothering me for weeks, more than once a day for weeks, do they really think I’m going to give them any of my money? Or they’ll call here and ask for “Mr. Erickson” and when I say “he’s not here right now can I take a message”, they tell me “no, that’s okay , we’ll call back” and then hang up and they will keep calling day after day until I blow my stack and yell at them that he’s gone everyday till 5:00 and by then I’m furious. They bother me. They interrupt things I do during my day and for days and days they do this and then they want me to give them money??

I don’t mind actual charities. I really don’t but I think these charitable organizations have gotten to the point of being so rude that I don’t even feel bad anymore getting mad and saying “no thanks, I’m not interested” and hanging up and I wonder how many other people out there feel like I do. People have lost the “bedside manner” in asking for charity.

If someone called me once and was nice to me and asked me for a donation, I would say yes. No doubt about it but some of these people go to far. Do you get many of these calls?

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22 Responses to Unwanted calls

  1. SKL says:

    It’s been a long time since I got a charity call that I actually answered . . . well, I have to say it’s been years since I answered my home phone (“land line”), so who knows? I used to get calls pretty regularly for my grad school – like they didn’t already suck me dry enough?! Ha! But not so much the “charity” types.

    Beware of telephone “charities,” though. They could be shams. You know, there is the fraternal order of uniformed officers, organization to support wearers of badges, widows of county police officers, etc., etc. – OK, I’m fudging the names here, but there truly are sham “charities” out there. They will say “last year you (or your husband / predecessor) gave $50, would you like to increase it to $75 this year” and you feel guilty not giving at least as much as “they say” you gave last year. And they have you on the phone, so it’s hard to say “now wait a minute, I don’t remember this, let me look into my records from last year.” Especially when you think you’re talking to the Partolman’s Benevolent Organization. I also have a friend who gives to the FOP every time they call, because she has the worst driving record ever, and she’s thinking maybe a sticker on her rear window will get her out of a ticket. Ha!

    I don’t answer calls where I don’t recognize the phone number. They can leave a message if they have something important to say. I just don’t have the time or patience for telemarketers.

    • Joy says:

      I normally don’t answer the numbers I don’t recognize as long as it’s only one or two calls from that number. But sometimes these certain charities will call until you answer and talk to them. So if you don’t answer, they call everyday at the same time UNTIL they talk to you. It’s especially irritating when I finally do get someone and they want Paul so it will start all over again because there isn’t always a person waiting at the other end. The phone calls bother me so as long as I know it’s the “Childhood Leukemia” foundation, I’d just as soon answer it and get it over with. But like I say, more often than not, nobody is there waiting to talk to me and I hate that and have pretty much stopped donating to the people who do this to me.

      • SKL says:

        When they ask for Paul repeatedly, why not just say “Paul doesn’t live here”? I’ve used that before (especially when people misprounounce names, because then it’s true, right?).

        • Joy says:

          That is kind of funny SKL. A LOT of times I’ll get someone who’ll ask for Eckerson and I’ll tell them nobody is here by that name!! OTherwise, I’m kind of afraid to say he doesn’t live here. You know a jinx or something???? I’m just funny that way. I never used the excuse either that one of my grandparents died and that’s why I had to miss work. I was to afraid that “if” I said that and anything happened to them that it would be my fault. I know that sounds stupid but hey, it’s me.

  2. javajunkee says:

    here is the thing that pisses me off about some charities..the set “giving amount” I’m sorry but if I offer to send you $5 and you then tell me the lowest “amount” is $25 ..you just lost that whole amount. Our police department is HORRIBLE about this and then they get rude. It’s like screw you then …A. we live in sheriff county not city police so why should I give to them..and B . how come the sheriff department was never calling us for money.?

    I notice a LOT of charities are doing this… “our contributions start out at $25 , $50 and blah blah blah..well “MY” contribution is $ 5…take it or I will give it to somebody who doesn’t give me friggin lip!

    • Joy says:

      You know jj, that ticks me off too. The “Firefighters and Policemen” do that one. They’ll start at $25. What ticks me the most off about those calls is they are calling for the Minneapolis Police and Fireman and I don’t even live in Mpls and the call is coming from Rice Lake Wi! I know calling cards will say different states but that one always gets to me.

  3. Laura says:

    I almost always answer the 800- calls when they pop up on my phone. Why? Because sometimes its a political poll, and those just entertain the crap out of me. I know they’re recording the call, and there’s like a .005 chance that they’ll listen to the recording and hear me calling my Senator a big, fat, hairy mope.

    That said, if it’s someone asking for money, the first words out of my mouth are something like, “I have a set number of charities that I work with, and I deal with them directly. Please remove my number from your list.” Usually, that stops them in their tracks, and I believe that, by law, they MUST remove your name, and they can’t call you again, because if they do, and you report them (I have no idea to whom), they can be fined. It works pretty well for me – between that approach, the Do Not Call list, and paying to have our number Unlisted for years (it’s no longer unlisted, since we moved to IA, but when we were in IL, it always was), we rarely get solicitation calls.

    • Joy says:

      Once I finally do get to talk to a human and ask them to take me off the list, they really do but what bothers me is all the times they call and aren’t there. That’s what really ticks me off about this.

  4. Laura says:

    I’ve had two separate experiences with “stranger phone calls”.

    One came yesterday. I owe the hospital a ridiculous amount of money (which is a rant for another day…. hmmm, maybe a post?), and they called me about it yesterday. Thing is, it showed up on my Caller ID as a “Toll Free,” 866- number. I almost didn’t answer it, but picked it up at the last minute because I was in the mood to do the Poll-Messing that I’m so fond of. I was greeted by a computerized voice, and was so ticked about it that I almost hung up. Then, as I took the phone from my ear to hit the “off” button, I heard a human voice come on the line. She told me that she was calling from the hospital to ask me about the bill that I owed. I was furious. I told her that her money was on the way, but that I had a bone to pick with her employer… and proceeded to unload on her about the rudeness of having a computer call me – to pester me about a bill that wasn’t even due yet! Oh, I was hot. I plan to follow it up with a letter.

    The second instance took place when Bush was running for his second term. Of course, political calls are exempt from the DNC list (why are we not surprised?), so at that point, I was getting about one a day. This guy was particularly persistent, trying to get me to give him money. This was back in the “old” days, when I believed in being nice to these jerks who invade my home and demand money, so I kept saying, “no, I’m sorry, not at this time.” And he just kept at me. Would. Not. Stop.

    Finally, after about ten minutes of this, I got mad. I said, “Look, buddy. I’ve told you repeatedly that I’m not giving you money. Now, you’re putting your boy’s vote on the line. You ask me one more time to contribute to his campaign – if I get one more phone call like this one – and he’s lost my vote. And frankly, that’s far more important and valuable than any amount of money you can extract from anyone.”

    He thanked me, hung up, and I never heard from them again.

  5. Just a Mom says:

    We don’t get too many of those calls at all anymore. I found out that our local police order or whatever group that calls actually hires a company to amke those calls for them. I told them to take my name of their list.

  6. Gary says:

    We actually got rid of our home phone about a year ago and are stricly cell now. All the kids have a phone as well as Paula and I so we just got rid of our home phone and glad we did. We don’t get any annoying calls anymore. 😀

    • Joy says:

      I would seriously think of doing that Gary IF our cell phones worked from our house but we have to do that funky dance thing to get a signal and with maybe needing to call 911, we have to have a land line.

  7. Lord, yes, I know how you feel… For us it’s just as bad or worse, because we get calls that end up being recorded messages telling US to hold for one of THEIR people to actually get on the bloody line! The nerve, I swear…

    • Joy says:

      Oh Ilana, I know!! “Please hold the line until one of our operators can get to you.” WHILE THEY ARE CALLING YOU AT YOUR HOUSE!!! I hate that. You call me then want me to wait??? You’ve got to be kidding me!!!! Then wait, after that, they want you to give them money!!!! Oy Vey!!!!

      • I KNOW, right?! It’s like, just HOW nervy can they get?! It’s truly ridiculous.

        Then there are also those ads that are just purely recordings – and then sometimes, I don’t know if you get these, but sometimes for us they don’t go off! I mean, if we hang up the phone and pick it up again, the ad will still be there, tying up the phone line until it’s finished! I hate that >.<

  8. Nikki says:

    OMG this irritates me to NO end!!!! Thee most irritating thing about about it to me…the automated calles that are cut off. I answer the phone and get the last sentence of the dang message! I even pay an extra $5 to have a solicitation block on my phone…IDK how they get through! It’s a machine so who’s pressing 1 to get through!?

  9. Tessa says:

    I am glad I just have a cell phone now! I don’t get any calls like that. That would be irritating and rude if they just hang up. I did in the past and I just say take me off your list please.

  10. Sue says:

    The calls we get from those 800 or 866 #’s are usually for one of our credit cards, but it’s for their 30 day free trial protection plan thingy. If I do answer the phone, I’m usually polite, but there was one day I let loose b/c they had been calling multiple times a day for days on end. I wish DNC list really meant DNC!

  11. joz1234 says:

    those calls from the different charitable organizations are from companies they hire. This means if you give on one occassion, your number is shared and they all start callng. I ask them all to take me off their list. The police one has been rude wth me in the past. I would rather give my money freely to the organization, than have their calling company take a percentage of my donation as a profit. Now I don’t donate, but in the future I will.

  12. DM says:

    There are only a couple of places that call us. We’re on the national “no call” registry that seems to take care of 90% of the calls. One tool sales company still calls on occassion..their sales men all have the same “good old boy” sing -songy “I’ll only take a minute of your time and that’s it..fair enough” spheel. I once told the guy I wasn’t interested, when he wouldn’t take no for an answer, I got upset and told him off. Well, believe it or not, he started harassing me. Called my home phone during the day, and by pretending to be a customer got my cell phone number from one of the kids. He told me he was going to put my number(s) on the top of the stack so all of his buddies would start calling….and I tried to get his real name and company location so I could file a complaint…didn’t have much luck.

  13. Bad enough to get the calls, but it you even give through the mail they call you every friggin’ year to get money from you.

    If they could front as part of the auto industry they could get bailout money. Leave me alone. I’m a tax-payer who you’ve left to rot. I haven’t anything left to give you bloodsuckers!

    MAn, that feels better.

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