Bacon~Pimiento Macaroni and Cheese from Paula Deen

Boy, does this EVER look wonderful. Toby was here looking at it so I’m hoping he’ll make it SOON and invite us over. *hint*hint*Toby*

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8 Responses to Bacon~Pimiento Macaroni and Cheese from Paula Deen

  1. Sue says:

    Toby says, “Too bad there’s 90s in the forecast!”

  2. Ellen says:

    OMG, this is devine. But also very, very fattening. For now, no, need to loose some pounds (or more).

  3. Karen Joy says:

    Holy shamoly!!That very yummy Im sure!!Bacon and butter baby!
    I made a macaroni dish tonight that had cream cheese and pimentos..was very good.

  4. Joy Rehnee says:

    I just got back from vacation and ‘diet’ wasn’t anywhere in my vocabulary. It looks like I may just have to postpone the calorie counting even longer. Although, like Sue mentioned, it’s been in the 90’s here as well, so I might have to make it at midnight!

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  6. i really want to try to make this

  7. D.Mullet says:

    I saw this on her show, and my mouth was salavating – So i made a few changes that I have in my pantries and it was devine, and Now that thanksgivings here – I’m ready to put the real deal to day – wish me luck – YUM!

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