Pull Up a Sofa Cushion

After a holiday weekend, it’s always nice to just pull up a comfy couch cushion and relax. Mostly because you’ve eaten so bloomin’ much, that’s about all you CAN do. So I’ve provided the couch. And doesn’t it look like you could just sink in there and sleep for a while? Or hold a nice long conversation? Read a good book? AAAaaaaaahhhhh……

So push away the hard-boiled eggs, the chocolate bunnies and the Peeps. And pull up a cushy spot and join the conversation.

I’m so mellow, I’m not even gonna threaten the meanies.

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17 Responses to Pull Up a Sofa Cushion

  1. SKL says:

    Well, Easter weekend was relatively relaxed. I didn’t try to do too much, so I mostly accomplished what I set out to do. Saturday afternoon was very pleasant, so my kids & I walked to the park and got a good workout as well as chilling out a bit. On Sunday, the weather was sucky, but it didn’t really matter as all our activities were indoors. My kids were pleased with the Easter Bunny and got loot from several others as well (too much, of course). I was able to have some actual grown-up conversations with my family members – which is a rare treat since I became a mom.

    I also got to spend some quality time with my sister’s tot. She is just starting to communicate verbally and is so expressive. It is such a cute age. She is pretty high-maintenance, though. My dad felt bad because he can’t really do anything with my kids when the tot is around, but I told him not to worry. I do kinda hope my kids get some time with him before they get too old to appreciate it. But I’m not about to complain. Right now they are content to sit and watch old movies with Grandma and play with the tot.

    The only stressful thing about this weekend was: I was pretty bad about work. Even when I was at my computer, I couldn’t focus on it. And because I was supposed to be working, I didn’t get enough sleep either. So I am exhausted, but I am up early this morning so I can get some sort of document out to our client before their work day. I can’t complain, either – this is totally my fault, and so far I have not even gotten an undue amount of grief from my partners. I hope I manage to deliver as planned.

  2. Joy says:

    We had a really good Easter I think. The company was good. The kids had a blast running to find their candy in the hunt and our food was great. I didn’t cheat once on my diet though and was very proud of myself. I’m starting to get very frustrated with this yo-yo thing with my weight. I’ve only lost 1.9 pound since our last weigh in. One day I’ll weigh in and I’ve lost 2.9 and the next day I’ll have gained .7 or some damn thing and I’m doing the same thing. I’ve tried being strong and sticking to it and I haven’t missed a day in 11 days of working out for an hour or more but it’s coming off so damn slow. I thought 2 pounds a week would be really good but we’re going on our 3rd weigh in tonight and I haven’t even lost 5 pounds. I almost wish the Wii Fit Plus didn’t tell me all this but it would drive me nuts if I didn’t know. If there was any way I thought I’d gained and had to pay the pot I’d want to know going in. At least the weigh in ladies scale and the scale on the Wii ave virtually the same so I’m confident I didn’t at least gain. I am going to try a little run outside today and am then going to shower. Maybe I’m not doing enough “hard” stuff.

    Yesterday was bittersweet. It was really sad combing out my mom’s hair. It just fell out in my hands. It was really hard not to cry. Nikki then trimmed what was left really close to her head so now when the rest falls out she’s not going to notice it as much. I felt so bad for her. It was so hard for her to see it falling out in the big clumps that she just left them there and put on a hat. Every single one of them came out. Sue had gone shopping and got her two really super cute hats to wear. She was so happy with the girls. Thanks you guys for doing all you have for her. We have our second round with chemo this Wed so pray or cross your fingers or whatever it is you do for us.

    I’m puttering today and grateful for the quiet. It’s gorgeous and sunny and almost 60 here today. I have almost all the lines on the clothesline full of clothes. It feels so good to be out. Have a good day all.

    • Laura says:

      Are you weighing yourself at the same time every day? Because your weight can fluctuate a lot during the day, depending on how much water you drink, etc. Also, if you are doing any kind of weight-bearing exercise, you could be “exchanging” fat for muscle – building up muscle while burning fat. And muscle weighs more than fat. I don’t know if it would be happening this quickly, but it could have been happening all the way along, and you’re just now noticing.

      The whole hair falling out thing just sucks. I’m so sorry your mom has to endure that, and I know that it’s not easy on any of you, either. We are keeping you all in our prayers… is there anything I can do from afar? Make a fun scarf or something?

      • Joy says:

        When I wrote that this morning I went and continued my day and when I went to work on it again later I’d lost 2.9 so I don’t know what happens. Once I lose 10 pounds, I won’t be so panicked. It’s really good we have to weigh in once a week with other people. I wouldn’t be able to be doing this without Vicki so to her I thank. I do feel so much better.

    • Joy says:

      My problem is I starve myself and by the time I’m hungry, say 4 PM or so, I stuff myself silly or won’t eat healthy. I just eat because I’m starving at that point. The way the lady said it tonight finally “clicked” with me. She said our stomach’s should never growl. If it does, our metabolism isn’t working. It’s just so hard for me to eat when I’m not hungry. I’m not a person who eats just to eat or to pass the time. I’m not really even an emotional eater. I just eat something small at noon and then eat my big meal at 5. So, I need to learn to eat more AND healthier. I have been eating a lot of vegetables. I’m not a huge fan of fruit but I love veggies. Tonight when I weighed in I’d lost 3.5 pounds since last week which made me really happy. It’s so hard for me to fathom that by eating once a day, it’s bad. I did step it up today and did go for a very small run. It felt really good.

      • Sue says:


      • Joy says:

        It feels good. I was so bummed out on Sat when we were shopping so I did feel good.

      • Vicki says:

        I know Joy, I didnt know losing weight meant eat more. lol its very confusing but from what ive learnt is if you don’t eat enough your body thinks its starving and stores the food differently(in the fat department) and when you excersise its not willing to give it up, plus we need protein. I was a little disappointed in todays weigh in but least i didnt gain. Its 8.6 lbs thus far, darn that chinese food and easter lunch!!
        Ive also worked out every day since we started but i also need to learn how to eat properly.
        your comments such as todays “Have a piece of cake or two” make me laugh and they also inspire me to get my butt moving..lol so you also help me alot in motivation.

      • Nikki says:

        You are doing better than you think! This is a life style change, and will take time but is so worth it! You do need calories to burn calories, or like Vicki said…your body will store whatever it gets because it doesn’t know when it will get it’s next meal. A lot of small meals, is what I have been told. Keep it up, you’re doing great!!!

    • Phyllis says:

      You know, Joy, Social Security/Medicare used to pay for wigs in these circumstances. I don’t know if they still do, but it’s worth a shot. Give them a call and find out. A funs style would really boost everyone’s morale.

      • Joy says:

        Thanks Phyllis. We’ll look into it later if we need to. For now she’s okay with it. I think she dealt with it beforehand like a “what if” and now that it’s cut and she has some cute hats, she seems okay. Of course she may want one if this goes on for a long time. She’s also very stubborn about stuff like this and if she mentions it it’s okay but if we do, sometimes she thinks we’re telling her what to do.

  3. Nikki says:

    Yesterday was one of the best days we’ve had in a long time. Except for what Joy already said…her moms hair is falling out. It was emotional to have to cut it, but it needed to be done. I know she felt a little better (considering) after it was shorter.

    Today, Jason is home and that’s always nice. BUT I wish I had the day off but we just can’t afford for me to take even one day off right now, and he gets payed for his time off so…we’ll putz around the house. Work in the yard, clean up the boat.

    I went on a nice jog this morning. It’s beautiful here today. I just got done paying bills, and now it’s already lunch time and then nap time for the little one. Days seem to be flying by lately and I’m not liking it too much~especially when it’s so nice.

    Have a great Monday everyone!

  4. SKL says:

    I stayed away from The Stir for over 24 hours. It felt so good, I thought, “let’s keep it up!” And then I thought, “nah!” LOL.

    I got most of that Friday work out . . . still have a couple more parts to draft and a bunch to review today. I was doing pretty good until I got tired and bored. This is NOT a riveting project.

    For some reason, my leg muscles hurt and my legs feel like they weigh 100 lbs each. What’s that about? This is the second time in the past couple weeks. I’ll bet I inherited my granny’s leg problems. I must figure out how to ward them off naturally. I’m not one to look for “remedies” or run to the doctor over every thing, but my granny had it pretty rough, and nobody would want that if they could avoid it.

    It’s been raining pretty much nonstop since yesterday morning. Pretty boring if you ask me.

  5. Laura says:

    Well, I can feel the blues a’creepin’ again, so I’ve started walking a couple miles a day to help stave it off. The fresh air seems to help.

    Our Easter was very mellow. To the point that I accidentally fell asleep for about an hour! And by “accidentally”, I mean… I was sitting on the couch reading a book while Josh played a computer game. I blinked, and the next thing I know, he’s dragging this GIANT bag full of coins out and plopping it in front of me. “I counted, mom. I have $50 in change, so I’m going to buy an X-wing Lego Fighter!!” Apparently, he’d finished his computer game, and went back to his room to count his money – which took him about an hour to do. I slept through the whole bloomin’ thing!! oops.

    • Joy says:

      Good for you. A nap like that’s fun. Sorry to hear you’re feeling the blues. I hate when that happens. Cheer up.

      • Laura says:

        I was actually really proud of him that he let me sleep. Usually, he can’t resist pouncing the minute he notices I’m asleep!

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