What annoys you the most?

The most annoying customer gripes include rude and pushy salespeople. Have you ever walked out of a store due to poor service? If so, what was the customer service offense?

Inspired by Gayle King

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5 Responses to What annoys you the most?

  1. Joy says:

    I absolutely HATE IT when people won’t let me shop on my own. If I have a question, I’ll ask it but don’t follow me around giving me suggestions. I’ll walk right out of the store. We also go to this big swap meet every Saturday and some of those people are just awful. If someone pressures me too much I’ll just walk away. My brother wanted to buy his grandson a John Deere tractor and baler yesterday but the women was so pushy that we walked away.

  2. Ellen says:

    I have not walk out a store because of poor services.I just tell them overly polite they are rude or to pushy if they continue their annoying behavior. Most times that “sarcastic” comment of mine, stops them.

  3. SKL says:

    I’m sure I have some stories, if only I think for a bit . . . I do hate rudeness!

    I also got really REALLY angry once, when I was buying myself a self-serve coffee and the extremely flimsy cup collapsed when I tried to put the lid on. So I tried to clean it up, but saw no napkins. I asked for some napkins and they gave me 1 little napkin. Then they charged me for not 1, but 2 cups of coffee, at the regular price instead of the advertised sale price. I didn’t notice until I got the receipt after they had charged my credit card. When I brought it to their attention, they said too bad, because I spilled the stuff and now they had to clean it up. I did tell that lady off (which I hardly ever do).

    I walked out of the haircut place because despite the fact that I’d told them I only had limited time, 3 stylists were just chatting back there for a good 5 or 10 minutes without even acknowledging me. Later I went back and told them why I’d left (and they took care of me right away).

    Another experience that comes to mind was a stay in a Holiday Inn Express. This could be a whole study in customer dis-service. I was at a work conference and my secretary forgot to register me at the Swisshotel in Chicago, and there were no rooms anywhere once I found out. So my secretary booked me at this place near the airport. It took forever for the cab driver to get me out there. I get there and they say they don’t have a room despite my reservation, and I have to fight with them about that. Finally they come up with a handicapped room that is vacant. I get to the room and there’s no towels, coffee machine, etc. At this point it’s the wee hours of the morning. So in the early morning I ask for towels and coffee machine to be provided and I had to ask several times, waiting hours before I could finally get a cup of coffee or take a shower. (They told me wrong about the breakfast hours so I missed that too.) So I skipped my morning meetings and ordered a cab to the airport. They kept screwing up and it took like 2 hours before a cab came along. I’m sure there were other details I’m forgetting (this was at least 4 years ago). What a freakin’ nightmare.

  4. Laura says:

    Several years ago, Steve and I were shopping for a new car. This was when the Toyota Prius was still new, and we were considering it. Steve had a pretty long commute, so we figured it might pay off to have one. He’d previously test-driven one, so I wanted to. I went into the Toyota Dealer and asked to test a Prius. They didn’t have a dealer car on site, but they did have one on the truck. One salesman said that I might be able to try that one, but they’d have to get it off the truck. Another kept saying, “We don’t have the Prius, but we have a Scion! You can try a Scion!” You could tell they were on commission, they were practically fighting over me. They were like rabid dogs. I said I didn’t want a Scion, I wanted to try the Prius. One guy kept pushing the Scion, the other kept trying to get the Prius off the truck, even though it was already sold to a customer. It was insane. I got sick of waiting, sick of the wolf-pack mentality, and I walked out. Halfway to my car, the Scion salesman was still following me, trying to get me to test drive it. I never went back in there again, and have told others not to go there to.

  5. Phyllis says:

    I hate any type of shop that works on commission…. car, furniture, clothing… all of them. My solution is to smile when approached by the first salesperson, ask their name. tell them I’m currently just looking around and that if I have any questions, etc., I’ll ask for them. That way I can tell all the others that so & so is helping me.

    I used to work sales and found that if I approached someone to help them, I responded to the just looking statement with a smile, giving them my name and saying if they needed any help I’d be right with them. Worked every time. I was almost always “top salesperson”. Even though we didn’t work on commission, per se, we did run contests occasionally just for heck of it.

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