Happy Friday! 🙂 I hope everyone had a great week. We are having some very warm weather here. It’s been in the 80’s this last week, and as much as I don’t like the cold, I was actually ready for “Fall weather.” Although, I know it is sure to come. And with that, follows winter, so I am not complaining.  Our vacation up north is in a couple of weeks, and we do want brisk, cool weather for hiking.

I’m not sure what we have planned for this weekend. Tonight (Friday night) is our homecoming football game. Football is really big in this town, seems like everyone shows up. The baseball team is going, so that should be a ton of fun!

Saturday, we are having our last BBQ of the season with our team. That’s always a good time! Sunday, we have 2 home games and I really hope they can pull o

What are your plans? Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy it!

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16 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. Laura says:

    We’ve got another busy weekend on tap. One of a month’s worth of busy weekends, actually…

    Today, Josh has the day off for conferences (one of the FEW reasons that will not cause me to rant about ‘days off’), so that’s on the agenda, as well as a 1K walk in town for something called the “Healthiest State Initiative“. Iowa has decided that we want to be the Healthiest State in the country by 2016, and tomorrow is the kickoff. There are a whole bunch of walks planned in town, so Josh and I are going to one of them. It should be fun. Then, in the evening, we’ve got a football game, too. This is the second to last game. Our team hasn’t won yet (although they HAVE scored two touchdowns this year! WOOT!!) so we’re going to cheer them on, and watch the band’s awesome show.

    Saturday starts early, because we have to be back at the football field at 8 AM for cleanup with the Pack. Then Josh is hanging with a buddy for the day while a friend and I go shopping – we’re hitting the Scout Shop (which means locking up my wallet), and I have a few other things to get. I’m spending as much time in a mall as I can. I haven’t been to one in AGES.

    Then Sunday, Josh has a birthday party for a little girl he knows from the pool. So all in all, a busy weekend.

    I hate to be a Daisy Downer, but I’m hating this gorgeous weather!!! I know it’s 80 and not humid at all. But it’s October, the leaves have changed. I should be in jeans and sweaters!!! Whenever we have this really warm weather, it never fails, the next thing to hit is the 20’s and snow, and bang! No fall AGAIN!!! So I’m grumpy. I want 50’s and crisp breezes! harumph.

    • Joy says:

      Reading about your weekend makes me tired just looking at it. Whew! Well, have fun. Have a fun shopping excursion.

      I know what you mean about the weather. We’ve turned our a/c on several times and it’s so windy today that we turned it on again last night. It’s so dang dusty and every Asian beetle, box elder bug and bee, is in my yard and it’s harder for them to get in with the house closed up. Plus Paul has been all plugged up and he claims it’s allergies so whatever. I really want to go mulch leaves in jeans and a nice sweatshirt, socks and tennis shoes not shorts. It kind of does sound grumpy to complain that the weather’s too nice!!!

    • Laura says:

      OH MY GOSH!!! OUR TEAM WON!!!!!!!!!! And not just a “win” they WON!!! 36-8!!!!

      AND THEY DID IT WEARING PINK!!! (breast cancer awareness night)

      It was absolutely INSANE at that football field tonight! People screaming, cheering, laughing, pounding on the stands. You could FEEL the energy! It was absolutely amazing. And when the clock hit zero, the place erupted! All the kids in the “spirit section” (where all the students sit) poured out onto the field to hug and tackle the football team, and the coach got the Gatorade Shower. I really love high school football.

      What an awesome night. I don’t even mind that my sore throat is back from all the screaming I did! I won’t be able to talk for a week – which some people ’round here consider a blessing anyway.

  2. SKL says:

    Yeah, I agree that we deserve to have a little fall. We’ve gotten a few days of it so far, so I can’t really complain too much, but it’s been a weird year that way. Winter lasted until summer, then it got hot like a furnace, and now it can’t decide whether to be hot or cold, but I’d like a little mild before winter sets in again.

    I too have busy Octobers. My birthday was last in the beginning of October, and my daughter’s is in the next week. I also have two Divali parties coming up, my parents’ 50th anniversary, a friend birthday, and Halloween – all in the next 3 weeks. And no, I don’t have any days off work – but I do plan on taking off this coming Sunday to take my girls on a little outing before Miss A’s birthday.

    I really wish people would let us be low-key on the birthdays. It’s just too much – eating, sweets and treats, out late, too many gifts, balloons, blah! It’s beyond overkill. I would love to just take my kids and go away for the day on Sunday, but the aunties think the girls will be sad if they don’t come along. But if they do come along, they will drive me crazy with their over-indulging, taking time away from activities to sit around and eat and take photos, etc. The first time the girls went to the zoo, they hardly got to see the animals because the aunties kept turning the stroller around so they could take the photos with the kids’ faces and the animals in the background. Really, priorities, people! I wish they would let their workaholic tendencies take over and stay home this Sunday.

    Today was a good work day. I haven’t had very many lately. Every time I think I might be on a roll, I fall back into a funk again. It would be nice if I could get motivated to catch up when things are a little slower around here.

    The highlight of this coming week will be Miss A’s birthday. She has all these ideas of how it ought to be. She suggests, for example, that I sneak into her room while she’s sleeping and leave a present where she will find when she wakes up. She has a particular order in which she thinks things should be done. It’s funny – she’s such a planner. I had no idea it started that young.

    Well, nothing really exciting to report around here. I hope everyone had great weather for the weekend!

    • Joy says:

      I hope the birthday weekend turns out well. It’s nice the girls have such caring Aunties but sometimes it is nice to be alone with them. Happy Birthday to you too. You never want me to post it so I hope you had a good day.

      You know, I’ve always been a planner too. I used to plan out what I was going to wear days ahead of time and I was always worried about one thing or another. Funny. I’d forgotten that.

  3. Just a Mom says:

    Friday & most of the day Saturday I am without kid! I don’t know what to do! Actually I am thinking about going to see a movie by myself. Something that I want to see! We have our church/school bazaar this Sunday so that will keep us busy. I will be hanging out in the 25 cent bingo tent all day!

  4. mssc54 says:

    It’s been a busy week. Someone gave us three tickets to the CAROLINA VS KENTUCKY game tomorrow so I’m taking the kids. I’d much rather just chill than make the hour and a half drive to the stadium and deal with those tens of thousands of people and traffic. But the kids are excited about seeing the GAMECOCKS play.

  5. Karen Joy says:

    Its our Thanksgiving here so Im busy getting ready to have the gathering at our house.Turkey and all the trimmings are on the menu.I dont even like turkey or pumpkin pie but its tradition to have it.I tried getting out of it and suggested a potato bar but a few(my hubby being one and I cant disappoint him)wants tradition.Wes will be working on our sidewalk he’s putting in and hot tub area.Fourth weekend he’s spending on that.He is pretty ready for a holiday I think.Will be nice when this project is over!Mind you,then we’ll just start up yet another one!It never ends..sort of like this stupid wind we are having!Oh we will sneek in a football game and sunday is the first hockey game for our Winnipeg Jets!!NHL season has begun.

    • Jenny says:

      ahhh Thanksgiving? I’m so jealous!!!!!

    • Joy says:

      Sorry Karen, I forgot it was your Thanksgiving this weekend. I hope you all have a great time. Is the whole gang coming? Which day? I can’t wait to see your sidewalk and hot-tub when it’s done. That kind of stuff drags on and on when you’re doing the work yourself.

      GO JET’S. I know some pretty ecstatic people up there who are THRILLED to have them back and how cool is it that they got to keep that name?

  6. Karen Joy says:

    Im having everyone over monday for noon meal.Just immediate family.
    Yes,projects take FOREVER when all you have are weekends.And he’s doing everything himself.Ill post pics somewhere when its done.Might be snow on the ground by then.
    OH MAN,are we ever excited about the JETS!It huge here!I dont even care for hockey like I do football but its hard not to get into all the excitement.Yea,so glad they kept the name JETS!Wes went to a preseason game(is that what its called,lol) last week and he said it was so awesome,everyone cheering SO loud.The players were stunned!!

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