Did you ever wonder?

Did you ever wonder what’s on the strip on the back of your drivers license? I know I’ve heard people say they hate showing their license because there’s too much information on it.

I know we’ve talked about ID’s on here before but do you really think there’s information on the back of your license that could save the world?

This was brought up here as a Good Question is answer to the argument that “people” don’t want their licenses scanned when they go vote. They said there’s way too much information on it that they don’t want people to know. It pretty  much states that minus the photo, what’s on the back strip is on the front. I don’t have a problem showing that to vote. I mean really, I vote in my district so we all know where each other live anyway.

But…..why do you have a problem showing an ID? The way things are now, all anyone really needs to know is your name if they’re going to go to the trouble of stealing from you or knowing where you live.

I remember when I was trying to get Paul to do his banking online. Paying bills etc. He said “there’s no way I’m putting all my info on a computer for the world to see.” I just looked at him and said “so it’s okay for the girl at Wells Fargo to put it on a computer somewhere else for all the world to see?” Some people don’t think about it but anyone can find anyone and it is a chance we take to be online like we are.

Do you mind showing your license? I’d rather. That way I know its me using that credit card or trying to cash that check and that it’s me going to the doctor and that I’m the one casting my ballot.

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8 Responses to Did you ever wonder?

  1. mssc54 says:

    I expect to show mine when I vote. But last time they told me they know me I didn’t need to show it. My precinct is (literally) less than 200a yards from our home.

  2. skl1 says:

    I am indifferent, as long as I am warned in advance that I need to bring my license with me. Normally I always have it in my back pocket, but that would be the time I’d neglect to bring it, knowing me.

    Considering how much voter fraud is out there, I think we need to have photo IDs if the election is to have any meaning.

    As for that strip – I had heard once before what was on it. It seemed nifty to me at the time. Anyway, they don’t scan the ID when I vote, they only look at it. Are we saying they’re going to have to invest in scanning machines for every voting precint in the USA?

    One thing I wonder about. How about elderly people who don’t drive any more? Is it easy for them to have an updated photo ID that the polls will accept? I know my mom had renewed her license a while back just in case, but now she probably would not pass the vision test.

    • Laura says:

      For the ID, as far as I know, every DMV offers the option for a simple State ID. I had one back in college – I had a state-issued driver’s license AND a state-issued ID, I kept the ID locked up in my house in case I ever lost my license, at least I’d still have an ID. I tried to do that in Iowa, and they said they only issue one ID. Anyway, it should be easy enough for your mom to get one. I believe they’re also cheaper than a DL, since there’s no testing or anything that goes along.

    • Joy says:

      I think the state by state ID’s may be a little different but are probably “mostly” the same. I’m taking my mom to exchange her drivers license to a state ID next time I go in to see her. She still has her license so it’ll be easy. Exchange one for the other and the price is $11 if you’re over 65. It’s $18 if not. You renew them every 4 years just like the license. It’s so not a big deal. If you can get one you can get the other in the same place but MUCH cheaper.

  3. Laura says:

    I have “ask for ID” written on the back of every one of my credit cards (even if it DOES say, “this card not valid unless signed” – did you know that?), because I expect to be ‘carded’ when I use it. To me, it’s a way to prevent fraud. If my signature is on the back of that card, it’s easy enough to learn to forge, but if it’s not there, and you have to compare with a separate ID, well, it would make sense. Unfortunately, barely anyone even looks at the back of the card, let alone notices that it says, “ask for ID”.

    I also think we should be carded for something as important as voting. As has been pointed out previously, I can’t even buy COLD MEDICINE without an ID, why can I vote? pathetic.

    As for the strip, I have no idea. I know that the numbers, in Illinois, are some sort of code… they include your last name, your birthdate, your sex, and a couple other things, but I don’t remember what. I have no idea what Iowa includes. I haven’t even memorized my DL number. I know I should, but I never got around to it.

  4. Joseph says:

    Our drivers licences have the magnetic stripe too, but they contain no information yet. It’s for future use we are told, which will hold most of your pertinent personal information for police to easily scan.
    I don’t have a problem presenting my ID at the polling station. Common sense. They have my name, address and phone number on the list right there, so they just match it up. I’m not giving them any other information such as credit card number, so the info they get from my ID is limited to what they already have. We actually have the enumerator come by our house to verify who we are and then they give us our enumeration card, whereas we do not require ID at the polling station if we bring the card.

    As for the credit card, I totally sign it and never show my ID. I leave all responsibility to the credit card company and merchant. I figure if that is the card company’s policy, that is good for me. They’re the ones assuming risk. They’re the ones who’ve spent countless time and money with their legal, financial and insurance team to come up with these policies. I guess this mentality of CYA comes from my line of work and all the legal ramifications. That’s my reasoning I follow the rules of the card company, so that they will be held responsible, not me. I do not want to be held liable for handing people over more information, very pertinent information for fraud such as my address and birth date. In Canada they always look at the back and don’t ask for ID. In the States they always ask for ID. I’ve given up on refusing and just show them my firearms licence. It has my name and an RCMP ID number. NO address, no birth date, no personal information to make fraud even easier.

    I’ve even been carrying my personal ID like Drivers Licence and business cards separate from my financial cards, so that if one or the other gets stolen/lost, they will have half the information missing. Either financial or Identification, but not both, as both are a deadly combo for serious fraud. I’m not worried about fraud charges on my credit card. The credit card will cover and correct that. I’m more worried about more deeper fraud, such as fake bank accounts, whole new credit cards I have no control over or someone assuming control of my accounts because they have all my information and are impersonating me. Affecting my credit rating, etc. That’s the fraud I watch out for, not a couple grand charged to my credit card that I will get back.

  5. Nikki says:

    I have never had a problem with showing my DL, or them scanning it. I chuckle and shake my head when I see people get mad when asked to show their ID. What’s the big deal, especially if you have nothing to hide???

    I guess I’ve never really wondered what was on there. I figured it would be name, address, DL #.

    I know it’s very easy for people that don’t drive to get a state issued ID. Here in MN it is anyway. There really is no reason to not have some sort of ID. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to have it to vote.

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