Well, I forgot about this today, so it’s going to be very short and sweet. I literally have 5 minutes before I’m to walk out the door.

It’s been a long week. Bailey is finally out of school. His band concert was so much fun. Seeing him in a tie just made me realize how grown he really is. Bittersweet. But, I for one am happy it’s Friday.

How was your week? Any weekend plans?

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4 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. SKL says:

    Well, as I mentioned earlier, it’s been an odd week. I am overwhelmed with work, and yet I’m having trouble focusing on it and getting it done.

    I’m alone with my kids for a few days this week, which is nice. Nobody to pressure me into getting back to work for “second shift” while I’m reading with my kids. No guilt trips for foolish activities like sleeping at night or cleaning up the kitchen. However, as much as I always look forward to this “free time,” it is never as stress-free as I hope, because the work keeps piling up. Hopefully I will get a little relaxation over the weekend, though.

    No major plans this weekend, but I am hoping to take the kids to the zoo on Saturday afternoon and make it to church on Sunday. Mostly I just want to get a lot of work behind me, because my big deadline is coming up and I’m so far behind where I should be, it ain’t funny.

    Have a nice weekend, everyone!

  2. Sue says:

    It’s FRIDAY and I already kicked butt this morning!!! LOL! I had cancelled our WM garbage service last week and they were suppose to come and get my container on Monday the 4th. Well, I had that container at the end of my driver Sunday night and Monday when I got home from work it was still there! So, I called CS and said what the heck? Oh, if it’s not picked up today by 4pm, it will be picked up tomorrow by noon. OK fine. Tuesday came and went with no pick up. Wednesday came and went with no pick up along with Thursday! I called again on Wednesday and said what the heck and the rep said she’s not sure what happened but she’ll put another ticket in for pick up. Whatever, just come get your can! Well, got the mail yesterday and there was a nice little letter from WM saying that their attempt to collect the container was unsuccessful on Monday the 4th so they will be charging me $25 for the trip charge and will try again on the 11th. OH HELL NO! I was irate last night! The can has been sitting there since SUNDAY night people! Don’t tell me you couldn’t collect it! Nobody came to collect it!!! So, at 7:30am this fine Friday morning, I was on the phone AGAIN trying to get this figured out and was nice, but firm, in that I was not paying the $25 and I just want an updated invoice so I can pay what I owe and be done with them! The rep was very polite and took off the $25 charge and made notes for the can picker upers and billing so hopefully I won’t have to call again. Not the way I wanted to start my day, but I feel better 🙂

    Now I have to make baked ziti, brownies, pack us and the kids, and get a run in before we head out for the weekend. Toby and I are going to a country music festival with some friends and the kids are staying with grandma and my sister. They are going to go to the movies and go fishing and who knows what else! Trin had a great time at bball camp and can’t wait to go next year. I said, we’ll see! It wasn’t cheap to send her! Chris also had a great time at his bball camp and even got a 2nd and 3rd place in a couple of the contests they did! Toby was impressed with how well he can dribble the ball considering this past winter he wouldn’t even pick a basketball up!

    I think I’ve written enough so have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget the sunscreen!!!!!

  3. starlaschat says:

    TGIF I agee it’s been a long and busy week. We did a lot of driving and traveling this week. Looking forward to some down time to relax and read a good book. The picture of the puppy is SO Cute also the Eagle header is great! I have a lot of cleaning and organising coming up so I’m not really looking forward to that but it must be done. Yuck

  4. SKL says:

    You know how every so often you have an “unexpectedly interesting” day? Well, today’s shaping up to be one, even though it’s only 12:30pm.

    I got around 5am to start work early, as I have a lot to do. I got some work out, but was looking forward to getting more done this morning after getting the kids off to school.

    As I mentioned, my partners are both out of town, and today our employee who usually opens the office called in sick. So I found out at 8:10am that I needed to get ready and go to the office after taking my kids to school. There was a 9am meeting being held there.

    “OK, where are the keys?”
    “You don’t have keys to the building?”
    “No . . . .”

    So I had to add in a trip to pick up the keys from someone (not in a convenient direction).

    I also had a 10am call which lasted until about 11:15.

    So I stroll into the office and I’m already on the 10am call (because, really, give me a little notice if you expect me to wash my hair, pack my work and be somewhere at a certain time). There’s a loud meeting going on in our office (someone else had let everyone in) and I don’t know anyone. There’s a DOG in our office, complete with a doggy bed and bowl. I’m thinking “ok, that’s unusual, I guess one of these guys brings his dog to meetings.” The meeting ends and everyone pets the dog and leaves. The dog stays! WTH?? The dog whines periodically and I wonder if he’s going to pee on my rug??

    In the middle of all this (while I’m still on the phone), some guy comes in and says he needs a key. OK, who are you and what are you talking about? (Keep in mind that this is a building we’ve bought and we’re in the middle of renovating it. Most of it is a construction zone. This is my first day trying to work at this office, so I am clueless about everything.) I promise the guy to call my partner and ask about his key. He says he’s “Jeff” and my partner will know what he wants.

    My conference call ends and I’m trying to get hooked up to the network so I can receive and send emails. (This is a new computer for me so I need to configure it for office connectivity.) Got the receive down, but not the send. I call my partner for tech assistance and to find out about the key and dog mysteries. My partner has no idea who Jeff is or what he wants. She points me to about 100 keys in the desk drawer. She says our employee had arranged to dog-sit, but she was told to un-arrange that since she wasn’t coming in. Says to take the dog across the street to pee if he needs to go. (???)

    As I’m hanging up, a tenant comes in and takes custody of his dog. Whew on that. Tenant goes potty (they use our restroom). Finds out there is no water. Cannot flush the toilet. Eew. I fill up the toilet tank from the water cooler, using beer glasses, so I can flush the guy’s pee. Eventually two other tenants come in wanting to know when we will have water so people can pee. I DON’T KNOW!? Jeff comes back looking for his key and whines because his work is getting delayed and now he has to work on Saturday. Partner is unavailable by phone, so we make a wild guess at what keys he needs and he’s off.

    I try again with the internet connection. I try three different profiles. No dice. Fine, I’ll just work offline until the construction folks leave at 3pm and then go home and send my emails from there. Ha! Then I get a call from UPS saying they are trying to deliver a package to our old address, but if I stay here until 5pm or so, they’ll bring it here. Awesome! What if I don’t wanna stay?

    I send out another SOS to my partner asking for a name to call about the water problem. So I can tell people something when they say “how long?” I’m directed to the computer of our employee, which is sitting happily on top of her desk, no lock, no password, no nothing. (I mean, we have all these strange people AND DOGS going in and out of our offices when nobody’s here, and she’s leaving her computer for anyone to use, steal, whatever. ???) I find a phone number for the plumbing company and they agree to send the guy in to tell me the sitch. Then I hijack her email to tell the tenants that we “should” have water in about two hours.

    Those are just the highlights, folks. It’s now 1:24 because several of the above events occurred after I started typing this.

    And no, I do not feel guilty in the least for eating 4 bags of Doritos from the snack box and draining the entire water cooler.

    I hate to imagine what direction the day will take from here.

    Hope everyone else’s is stress-free!

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