Happy Birthday Paul

Happy Birthday Paulcupcake

Look who’s having a(nother) birthday!


It almost seems like yesterday


What a cute little guy


A little momma’s boy


Quite the chip off the old block


So put on your best hat


Do a little dance


Eat a little cake


And at your age, take a little nap


I was going to get you a great gift but figured you already have me.  What more could you want 😉


Have a great birthday


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21 Responses to Happy Birthday Paul

  1. Gary says:

    Happy Birthday Paul!! I hope you have a GREAT day!

  2. shane says:


  3. DM says:

    loved the photos…happy birthday fellow February birthday baby!

  4. Happy birthday, Paul! Hope you have a good one!!!

  5. Doraz says:

    Well…Happy Birthday to Paul! Live it up! Laugh and have lots of fun! Many, many more!

  6. nikki says:

    Well even though I JUST talked to you….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Thanks for being such a great Dad and Grandpa!!!!! We love you 🙂 Love the the picture of you taking a little cat nap! Hope your day is wonderful and we can’t wait to chow down on some BBQ Saturday! Bailey wants to know…is there ribs??? lol

  7. SKL says:

    What a lot of cute pictures! Happy birthday!

  8. Morocco says:

    What a nice tribute!

  9. Sue says:

    Happy Birthday, Paul! Hope you have a great day:) If I were you, I’d still ask Joy for a present!!! Ha Ha, just kidding! Yes Bailey, there are LOTS of ribs for Saturday. You guys will just love it:)

  10. Just a Mom says:

    What an awesome birthday greeting!

    Happy Birthday Paul

  11. mssc54 says:

    I hope Paul gets more than he expects and I hope he has high expections!

  12. Tosha says:

    Happy Birthday!

  13. Gary says:

    A BBQ on Saturday???? With LOTS of ribs???? What time are we eating??? LOL

    Enjoy your BBQ guys!!

  14. Joy says:

    I went a little nuts while ordering this food Gary. It’s from Kansas City and lets just say, I could feed an army!!!!

  15. nikki says:

    Well if there’s BBQ chicken or ribs Bailey will be your army!!!

  16. paul says:

    Thanks everyone I had a great day.

  17. pammy says:

    Happy birthday Paul.Hope you had a great day with your family and friends.

  18. paul says:

    Thanks Pam

  19. darryl says:

    Happy birthday Paul, Nice pictures .

  20. darryl says:

    I didnt think they had cameras way back then LOL. Cant wait to go golfing BUDDY.

  21. Joy says:

    Your a regular comedian Darryl!!! LMAO!!!

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