The most annoying customer gripes include rude and pushy salespeople. Have you ever walked out of a store due to poor service? If so, what was the customer service offense? What really annoys you about salespeople and do certain stores do it more often than others?

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15 Responses to Salespeople

  1. Laura says:

    A while back, before we moved to IA, Steve and I started looking for a new car for him. He was thinking to possibly have a long commute, so we were considering a Prius. Well, he’d test driven one, and said that I should, too. So my mom and I stopped by the dealer one day, specifically looking for the Prius. The salesman said that they didn’t have one on the lot – just one that was on a truck, waiting to be delivered to a customer. But I could test drive a Scion if I wanted to! I said, no thanks, I wasn’t interested in a Scion – honestly, I didn’t even know what it was. So Mom and I started to leave. The salesman wouldn’t let us go! He kept getting in front of us, pushing this Scion!

    He even offered to get the Prius off the truck (it was first on, so on top of a two-level truck, like right up over the cab), if we agreed to test drive the stupid Scion, too! It was amazing.

    I finally pushed past him, telling him that no, I was NOT driving the Scion, they could keep their manky old Prius, and I would NEVER be coming back to that Toyota Dealer, because I’d never dealt with such a pushy, rude salesman.

  2. SKL says:

    Well, to be honest, nothing compares to the night when I was at the Taj Mahal in India (actually, in a little market nearby). I had been looking at some little trinket and at least three guys from different market stalls got in my face and they were bargaining each other down, trying to get me to buy from them. “Five rupees! Three rupees! Two rupees! One rupee! Two for one rupee!” Blah! Then the lights went off and, if I wasn’t about the mellowest person on the planet, I would have had a panic attack. Anyhoo, I can’t think of too many experiences in the US to compare with that.

    We did have a Kirby guy come and he was basically trying to convince us that our house was disgusting and we needed a Kirby to remedy that. He was like, “look at all the dirt that is under the bottom of your carpet!” I said, “who cares if there’s dirt under the carpet? Who’s ever gonna see it?” LOL. He finally left in a huff when someone (not me) asked him “if you have an MBA, why are you just a Kirby salesman?”

    I’m sure there have been other similar situations, but I can’t remember details. I have a vague recollection of embarrassing different salespeople with my skeptical but practical questions. Blue Algae comes to mind, for example.

    On the other side, I recall a friend who came from India and needed to buy some housewares. I took her to a cheap place – Woolworth’s or whatever – and she came to the register with a cart full of stuff. She proceeded to tell the sales clerk that the stuff was all overpriced and she wanted a discount. LOL! This went on for a while before she figured out that it doesn’t work that way here.

    • Joseph says:

      Funny about your last paragraph. My father in law went to his local ‘small town’ hardware store one fall and started bartering on a mid priced BBQ with the owner. His argument was that it would just be taking up space in storage, so he might as well discount it further to take off his hands.
      After some dickering , the owner relented. Whereas my father in law piped up once more, “plus you must deliver it.”
      BBQ was delivered the very next week!

  3. Joseph says:

    My wife and I were in a big box furniture/appliance store looking at washer/dryer sets. The salesman came over. We asked a few questions. He made a few nice offers. Then we said we’d like to discuss privately between the two of us. So he took literally 2 sets back, hunkered down and stared at us. Needles to say we left.
    The best is the East Indian telemarketers who call. They can never pronounce my last name. So either I say “so no one by that name lives here”, or I hang on listening to them squirm trying tp pronounce it! LOL!! I had one start to try to pronounce my last name then stop about 3/4 way through and start over with “Mr. Joseph…”
    We had a real bad experience with the salesman who sold us our Fit. Just little things, but she’d snap at you once you exposed her lies. NEVER will we go to that dealership. On the other hand the salesman who sold us our Tacoma last year was retired and just had this job to keep himself busy (plus it exposed him to lots of people, as he was very chatty and friendly). So he did not pressure us one iota!! It was actually a real breath of fresh air!
    My uncle and I were cruising the parking lot of a local car dealership. All of a sudden we noticed a salesman coming so we booked out of there…or so we thought. Had to come back around to get out, where he was waiting and physically opened my uncle’s door…AS WE WERE DRIVING BY!
    I don’t trust any salesman, doesn’t matter if they are car salesman, real estate agents, or East Indian telemarketers.

  4. SKL says:

    You know how when you get a new credit card, you have to call a number to activate it? One time I did that and they gave me sales spiel after sales spiel. Finally they talked me into one “free” thing.

    Ha. It was life insurance. Try it free for 3 months. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can cancel with no obligation.

    How does one decide whether or not their life insurance is performing in time to cancel it?

  5. Joy says:

    I will walk out of a store now but I used to try and keep quiet and think “leave me alone” because I hate to shop and “IF” I was at the store, it meant I HAD to get something.

    I think the worst store for me with those vultures hiding around every corner is Scheels. It’s a sporting goods store. I don’t know if it’s nation wide or not but they are so pushy there that I’ve literally left a salesperson talking and walked right out the door. It’s such a good store and I love to spend time wandering around the whole store but they have salespeople in every department and the second you enter there they are and some of them really don’t leave you alone. The only time they’re not around is when you want them to be!

    One day I was in there and I needed a sporty kind of dressy shorts outfit and I loved one of the tops but my bra straps showed and I think that is the tackiest look of all so I was leaving the dressing room with the outfit and the saleslady was waiting to pounce on me when I came out but I told her I didn’t like the top and she told me they had bra’s for that type of shirt so I said okay, I’d look at it. Well holy crap! The bra cost more than the shirt and for those of you know know me, I don’t even need a bra! I just wear one because I’m supposed to! There’s no way in the world I’d pay that kind of money for a bra to wear with one measly shirt. I didn’t even buy anything there that day. I think I crossed the aisle and went to Penneys. I just can’t stand that. I love to browse and it’s such a great store. I wish they didn’t have such pushy people working there. Or they’d train them to be there but not right on top of you. They’re probably doing what they’re told to do.

    • Joseph says:

      We always go to Best Buy to look at electronics. Future Shop, another electronic store is owned by the same company Best Buy, EXCEPT they have commission oriented salesmen there, Best Buy doesn’t.
      So very annoying. I almost want to put a sticker on my head that says “DON’T ASK” as a quick response to every salesman asking me if they can help me.
      We even went in once on a deal we saw in the flyer. Found and picked up the item all on our own and proceeded to leave the specific area. Just then a salesman proceeded to make quick idle chat, just fast enough to slip his ‘commission’ sticker on our item we were buying. We quickly tore it off on our way to the till. Argh!

  6. joanharvest says:

    I walked out of a store with my daughter because of the incredible rudeness of a sales clerk. Sarah and I went into this wonderful kitchen store here in town.It’s like a Williams Sonoma only it’s local and the prices are wonderful for Martha’s Vineyard. The clerk is behind the counter talking to what looked like an office worker in the back room. They are conversing back and forth as we wait at the counter to be waited on. The sales clerk can see us perfectly because she is only a few feet away. She is an older woman, even older than me. My back is killing me as it does when I stand for more than a few minutes. Finally Sarah says to the sales clerk ” Excuse me, could you please help us?” The clerk looks at us, stops talking and rudely says ” I am having a conversation here. You will have to wait until I am finished.” Is it just me or is that incredibly rude? It’s not like we were there waiting for just a few minutes. . We could even hear parts of the conversation and it certainly didn’t seem work related. I couldn’t help myself and I yelled out “You Bitch”. Needless to say we walked out. I vowed never to shop there again but of course had to break that vow because they have such cool stuff there.

    • SKL says:

      Ha ha! I yelled at a gas station lady once – no swearing, just “I hope you have a rotten day!” LOL. I was extremely steamed. Lucky for her I don’t throw stuff when I’m angry.

      Our local Walgreens has a lady who blabs when she’s at the register. And she doesn’t shut up when you’ve finished your purchase, either. The other day I was buying some Valentines candy and she was chatting me up about her kid and sugar. There was a guy behind me in line. I felt very uncomfortable as she continued blabbing well after I had my bag and was trying to politely head for the door. Yes, that’s rude, even without adding a snotty attitude.

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