Kids Korner

If you got so mad at your parents that you wanted to run away, where would you go?

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3 Responses to Kids Korner

  1. SKL says:

    Well, I did that once. I just decided to keep walking until I got good and lost. I knew I wouldn’t have the nerve to stay away after a certain hour, because my mom would kick my butt if I wasn’t home at the appointed time. Fortunately or unfortunately, after wandering through a quite unfamiliar neighborhood, I rounded a corner and found myself in a shopping center I’d walked to before. I was bummed. I went home, arrived late, and was pleasantly surprised to find that my parents were too busy to notice I’d been gone.

    Other than that, I often thought of leaving and somehow making it on my own. Sometimes I even thought I’d take my baby sister and brother. I never really put a lot of thought into “where” I would go – just “away.” Like I was gonna live off the land or something . . . or get a job doing casual labor for someone who wouldn’t ask questions . . . it’s pretty funny remembering how naive I was.

  2. mssc54 says:


    If my friend Jimmy comes buy one morning before school and tells me he can’t take it any more and that he was running away, I would have to go with him… just to make sure nothing bad happened to him.

    Then we would probably hop onto a freight train and ride it a long time. When the train pulls onto a side track out in the middle of the boon-docks, unhooks the cars we were in, hooks up to cars on the other tracks we would have to time our jump into a box car’s open door as it was rolling.

    When it got to be night time we would hop of the train and buy a soda and a can of spam to share.

    They we would go into a huge cotton whare house and take a nap on some mountains of cotton bails.

    After that we might start hitch-hiking at 2am. When the local Law Man picks us up (just to give us a ride) and while we are sitting in the back… after a minute of chit-chat when the Law Man asks us, “So, where did you boys say you were from?” I would look over at my friend Jimmy, we both shrug our shoulders and then I would say, “We didn’t say.”

    Then the next morning my dad would show up and take us home… about a three hour drive.

  3. Jane says:

    Dylan says to grandma and grandpa’s. I asked him which ones and he said it didn’t matter.

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