Posting calories in movie theaters

We were watching this the other night on Nightline and it just seems weird to me. Posting calories in movie theaters, airplanes and convenience store type places.

I’m not really sure I understand the whole concept of this. I get the whole “if you see it posted” you may not want it but really, is that really going to stop someone from getting popcorn at a movie or cheese curds at the fair? I mean really. I know these things aren’t good for me but I go to a move so rarely that if I want popcorn I could care less what’s posted on a sign.

I know a lot of people grab lunch or “snacks” at convenience type stores. I’ve been known to buy a hot dog and I know this dog isn’t good for me and if I want one, nothing posted is going to stop me from buying it. But I’m talking maybe every 3 months. I hardly ever do.

What about people who frequent these places for lunch? Do you think having all the calories and nutrition stuff posted will stop people from eating this junk food? Would it stop you? Do you think it’s necessary? Do you think it’s changed the way people eat at restaurants since they started posting nutrition info?

I’m of the opinion that when I buy this

I know very well it’s not good for me and if there’s a sign there that says how bad it is for me, I’ll buy it anyway. Would you?

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13 Responses to Posting calories in movie theaters

  1. SKL says:

    Well, let’s see – how long have they been printing on every cigarette pack that this stuff causes cancer, heart disease, low birth weight, etc? Have people stopped buying them?

    I like having information available in general, but like you said, people don’t go up to the candy & popcorn counter expecting to buy a stick of celery. When you make a choice to go buy a snack/treat in most places, you have already decided to give yourself a break on your calories that day. It doesn’t mean you’re going to drop dead right there in the movie hall.

    I think people go to certain places to be entertained and take the focus off all the stuff that’s gonna get them fired, divorced, bankrupt, fat, and sick for a while.

    This is one of many areas where I feel it’s the consumer demand that should determine what the businesses do. If a lot of consumers say they wanna see those big bad numbers up on the wall, fine, the business will post it without the government ever getting involved. We are adults, we don’t need the government to fight for our right to know how greedy we’re being.

    So let me ask (I wouldn’t know) – do they have big signs up all over sex stores and condom displays, saying “you could still get pregnant anyway! You could get herpes anyway!” And if not, why isn’t the government demanding that? I mean, getting herpes from one act of discretion is a lot worse than gaining a pound from eating a bunch of fat and sugar. Or am I wrong?

    But hey, maybe it would be good to require news stations to post a “truth meter” on the screen at all times. There’s something Americans really do want to know! How much of what I’m hearing on CNN is true? Come on, Uncle Sam, we want action!

  2. Laura says:

    I would appreciate the calorie counts if I’m in a mood to deal with them. There are many times that, because of our schedule and our proximity to town (we live 7 miles out), that we end up getting take-out a couple times a week, just because I am NOT driving 15 minutes home to eat a sandwich then driving another 15 minutes back. Too much trouble, too much wasted gas. So, in that case, when it’s the second or third time that week, I will choose a salad, or the veggie burger at BK, or something like that.

    Would the calorie counts alone cause me to choose a salad over a quarter-pounder with cheese? No. Would the calorie counts assist me when I’m paying attention to my eating habits and trying to lose the weight that I need to? Absolutely.

    And here’s the biggie: do I think that the government should stick their meddling noses into the restaurant business and require that the businesses post the calorie counts for everything? NO. ABSOLUTELY not. If the restaurants choose to put them up, then thank you very much, it’s good business. Otherwise, I can find them online and plan ahead.

  3. Jenny says:

    No it wouldn’t stop me from buying the food that I want. But if you are watching what you eat or counting calories I think it’s a good idea.

  4. SKL says:

    Where did my post go? I coulda sworn it posted . . . .

  5. starlaschat says:

    I think if they posted a sign on how it’s made and if it said this dog is made this way with these pieces and parts it might slow me down for a moment but, calories no becuase they would probably make sign with little bitty print in a long parpgraph or two that would be hard for me to see without my glasses.

  6. mssc54 says:

    *If it tastes good it’s not good for you. 🙂

  7. Sue says:

    I’m going to buy what I want to buy when I want to buy it. I think posting nutrition info assists people in making choices, but it should be up to each establishment. I would probably die if I saw how much fat was in a hot dog from a convenience store or one of those personal pizzas (which I happen to like) but if I need to eat, I’m going to eat. It all comes down to personal responsibility. You can’t blame others for the choices you make and no amount of nutrition information posting is going to change that.

  8. SKL says:

    I think if everyone posted their calories, that would hurt the cause of those who are anti-McD’s (let’s face it, McD’s gets way more than its fair share of grief). I mean, a lot of home-cooked meals are far from being heart-healthy, and almost every restaurant in the country would be hard-pressed to come up with a popular entree with fewer calories than a McD cheeseburger. Fact is, individuals need to use their brains no matter where or what they eat. The government’s ideas to take over our responsibility to think are counter-productive.

  9. Nikki says:

    It is an off and on thing for me. Right now, I have some weight to lose, so I am watching what I eat VERY carefully. But when I want a big fat juicy burger, I will have one! It’s all a choice. I am all for them posting it. I don’t think it can hurt, and if it can help one person choose a healthier alternative, then I think it’s worth it.

  10. lucy says:

    I’m with lots of you….I think most people realize that movie theater food is not the healthiest. However, I doubt people REALLY realize how many calories are in the foods. I’m all for posting calories. Let consumers make informed decisions!!

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